Amotik: GROOVE Podcast 425

Hypnotising and life-affirming techno? Listen to Amotik's contribution to our podcast series and hear how he fills the genre with warmth.

konkrit – Groove Podcast 420

Kristoffer Cornils has programmed the Groove Podcast for more than eight years. Today, he throws in the towel with a DJ mix made up of … 87 different DJ mixes.

Joyce Muniz – Groove Podcast 419

Much like her album "Zeitkapsel" and her various recent collaborations, Joyce Muniz's Groove mix is stylistically eclectic.

Wolfgang Tillmans – Groove Podcast 417

Wolfgang Tillmans has just released his sophomore album “Build From Here.” For GROOVE, he has recorded a rare DJ mix.
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Dimë (KALT) – Groove Resident Podcast 52

Strasbourg native Dimë represents the city's KALT club with a 90-minute exercise in selection and storytelling.

Sister Zo – Groove Podcast 416

Sister Zo's Groove mix welcomes you into her continuum. Get ready for a hour of percussive techno and UK-flavoured bass music.

Nesa Azadikhah – Groove Podcast 415

Photo: Press (Nesa Azadikhah) It is unlikely that Nesa Azadikhah gets much sleep these days. After ten years of running Deep House Tehran, she has...

r.ss – Groove Podcast 414

An affiliate of the low-profile, high-quality Chicago label Kimochi, DJ and producer r.ss might not be on your radar yet—but they should be.
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Asna – Groove Podcast 410

The DJ, producer, and visual artist Asna, also known as one half of the Kass Kass Rizer duo, steps up to the decks for a stylistically rich Groove mix.

Salut 80 B2B Verde (1-2-3-4) – Groove Resident Podcast 50

Salut 80 and Verde are the co-founders of the Warsaw-based 1-2-3-4 collective. With their Resident mix, they give us a foretaste of the project's label.

Frank & Tony – Groove Podcast 409

Ahead of the release of their new album "Ethos," the intercontinental duo Frank & Tony steps up to the decks for 60+ minutes of bliss.

Lauren Flax – Groove Podcast 408

Her Groove mix sees Lauren Flax doing what she does best, so please get ready to jack with Lauren Flax.
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T.Williams – Groove Podcast 406

Shortly before the release of "Raves Of Future Past," T.Williams' Groove mix mirrors the feelings he had when making his debut album.

Yazzus – Groove Podcast 405

Mala Junta and Tresor resident Yazzus is a veritable Yazz of all trades. Her Groove mix blends 1990s video game music with house and techno.

Çaykh – Groove Podcast 404

Spiritczualic Enhancement Center and Circuit Diagram member Çaykh's Groove mix will take you through a roundabout at 60mph.